It would be socially irresponsible of me to talk about all things that grow and neglect the one thing that grows and affects us daily; our hair. With that said, I’m back from having my hair cut and colored. For years after my stylist Denise of Jonas Aveda Salon & Spa, Dallas would blow dry my hair I would say “color looks good,” Denise would say “yeah it looks like crap as usual,” and I would say “at least your work is consistent, so I know what to expect, no surprises.” Like a surprise I could live without, when Gabrielle was two and thought she was hungry on her way with me to get my hair cut, but really she was nauseous and threw up all over the car, me, herself and the salon so Denise stripped her naked, cuddled her up in fluffy towels while she washed all her clothes and did my hair.

4 thoughts on “Gaga’s Re-Do”

    1. Dear Annie,
      I took 2 year old Ella to the salon with me for the first time on Saturday. She got a sucker for being still and getting her bangs trimmed. She also did a little reading in her stroller on potty training. All-in-all in was a good trip.
      Warmest Regards,

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