Gardens Echo With Her Laughter
Gardens Echo With Her Laughter
Very Busy Guy
Rather Have His Back Ground Off With a Sander than Bitten By Chiggers

Why a Blog? Last Sunday I asked my son Michael, to stop by and meet a newspaper editor, friend as he drove past on his way somewhere who also needed a Web site at some point. I did not ask him to make a special 1 ½ mile arduous, grueling, hazard fraught trip. I didn’t expect him to stay, he had commitments. It seemed from his tone that I had asked him to; climb the Himalayas with a Sherpa, navigate the ice caverns, approach a mother polar bear with cubs and a BB gun, pee in the Amazon with those little critters that swim up your pee-pee and eat you from the inside while you scream for 7 days a painful death, sleep in the swamp with alligators, climb in a sleeping bag in the Louisiana Bayou on the ground, face off with a mountain lion alone on the bike trail on his way home from work ALONE, crawl on his belly through broken glass laced with poblano pepper juice on one side and chiggers biting him on the backside, because he said he would rather have his skin ground off with a sander than be bit by a bunch of chiggers. So, on Monday I sent my daughter-in-law, Tanna, an email at work, to that effect and she laughed hard enough that her co-workers had to revive her and she said “you need to start a Blog.” Bingo.

4 thoughts on “Why Gaga’s Garden?”

    1. Amy,
      You are the funniest person on Twitter. My mom once told a very pretty woman in our Sunday school class “Yvette you’re the second prettiest woman in this Sunday school class.” I am gonna have to take the back seat to you Amy ’cause like Larry The Cable Guy says I don’t care who ya are doggone it you are funny!
      Now back to chiggers. My husband & I went to the neighbors party behind the house & we knew there were chiggers behind the fence. When we were leaving, their guests had gone out there to play horseshoes. It was too late to tell ’em. Later the neighbor calls and tells my husband they ended up in the hospital covered in chigger bites and my husband hollers in the phone “chiggers?” I hate chiggers and they itch for a month!
      You are funny Amy Arthropod Attack would have been preferable to a bunch a chiggers!

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