Peony Arrangement at P. Allen Smith's #G2B15

Tree Peonies Bloom on Old Wood

Tree peonies are significantly different than peonies because they sprout growth on the old canes left from the year before. So do not cut down the old canes on your tree peonies like ‘Black Dragon’ tree peony that I am showing you in the video. Here’s the remarkable growth sprouting on the old canes from last year:

‘Black Dragon’ Tree Peony Growth on ‘Old Wood’ Canes from last year view 1
'Black Dragon' Tree Peony Growth on 'Old Wood'Canes from last year
‘Black Dragon’ Tree Peony Growth on ‘Old Wood’ Canes from last year View 2
'Black Dragon' Tree Peony Growth on 'Old Wood' Canes from last year
‘Black Dragon’ Tree Peony Growth on ‘Old Wood’ Canes from last year View 3

Glorious Fragrant Peonies

Pink Peonies in Illinois
Pink Peonies in Illinois

Mom’s 5 Tips On Growing Peonies

Peonies require minimal care when planted properly

  1. Plant peonies at ground level or they “will come up blind” meaning they won’t bloom. Plant tubers no deeper than 2 inches deep in northern climates with eyes pointing up.
  2. Add 2-4 cups of bone meal around each plant per year and gently work into the soil then cover with a layer of peat moss.
  3. Surround your peonies with Canadian sphagnum peat moss and work into the soil every year.
  4. Ants are attracted to and eat the sweet nectar secreted by the peony bud. This is why folks often thought ants were required for peonies to bloom by ‘eating open’ the bud. Ants do not harm the plant and aren’t required for the buds to open. They disappear after blooming.
  5. Divide the peony with a sharp pruning shovel to propagate the plant. It’s best to divide peonies when they are dormant or they may not bloom for a few years. My peonies were still dormant that were buried in bushes in the spring and they have propagated with great success.

First Things First

“Peonies bloom before roses do, so for a fantastic bloom prior to pruning your roses follow 5 simple Peony Tips for a glorious spring bloom”

White Peony Found in The Secret Garden
White Peony Found in The Secret Garden
Divided Peonies Season after Dividing In The Video View 1
Peony Results After Dividing
Peony Results After Dividing View 2
Divided Peony Results
Divided Peony Results View 3

I’m so thrilled these old peonies divided so nicely. Happy Spring! Enjoy Your Peonies!

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    1. Hi Jill,
      Thanks for your comment, you are correct often we thought the ants were eating the sweet outside layer to aid the opening of the bloom but it seems that is an ‘old wives tale. Yes it’s best to divide when the peonies are dormant however my peonies were discovered in a lost garden so I broke the rules and it turned out well. These peonies are very important to me. I hope you will read ‘Secret Garden’ post. Because I didn’t know this property had peonies on it so I wanted to preserve these peonies.
      Thank-you so much for your comment and I hope you will keep coming back and keep me honest. ­čÖé
      Susan Fox

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