Gabi, unimpeachable originator of Gaga
GAGAS Lone Star State Official Status

I was Gaga first. I can prove it. Declared by my granddaughter and made official by the State of Texas. All the other grandmothers had laid claim to the desirable names; Nana, Mimi, Gigi, Nona and other more exotic colloquialisms for grandmother. So I said I want to be known by whatever name my granddaughter first calls me. And I waited for the rare utterance that Gabrielle would first call me. When I would feed her, every time I saw her I identified myself to her and I repeated my name over and over as ‘Graaan-ma about a million times and then one day when that baby was not even two years old, she was on the phone to call to talk to me and she said plain as you can say it: “ Hi Doggy.”


“Doggy!” Could I live with doggy? You bet. Anyone that has the unconditional love of a child would answer to “gagme” and smile proudly if her grandchild wanted to call her that. But she quickly knew I wasn’t her doggy, because she had a doggy and I wasn’t it! So she changed from calling me Doggy to Goggy and then Gaga. I ordered crowning vanity plates from the Texas, the Lone Star State, which of course is unimpeachable validation.

'He Answers To A Higher Power'

‘He Answers To A Higher Power’ | The Fillmore Blacktop

5 thoughts on “Why ‘Gaga’”

  1. Love the story. I have a brother who could not pronounce words with tr, he used the f. My step father was a truck driver. Needless to say what his occupation was when anyone asked 🙂

    Cheers, Danny

    1. Hi Danny,
      Children just melt my heart. That is the cutest story. I bet all the brothers and sisters loved to get him to say words that started with tr! Thanks for visiting and sharing the story. Gabrielle has been such a joy as I am sure your grandchildren are to you. Sometimes the pesky parents get in the way, lol. I hope you will go to the post called God’s Cheetah Plate, an actual prayer I was fortunate enough to hear and share with y’all.
      Please visit often,

  2. I am also known as Gaga – a name given to me by my granddaughter too! I also told everyone she could call me whatever she wanted. I never expected her to call me Gaga but boy – when she did it was the cutest and most precious word to come out of her mouth!

    I love your website/blog. I need serious help with my roses so I plan to do plenty of reading for a while!

  3. Susan:

    I love the comments about how you received your pet name “Gaga”. Nicknames have a way of holding on. I was a little red headed boy in youth. My friends called me red (now I’m silver). I am 90 or will be Apr 24th. Your web page is very colorful. Congratulations.


    1. Ted,
      Thank-you for your wonderful comments. Do they still call you Red? I bet they do. 90?! I can’t believe it! And you have accomplished so much. I loved your article on Knock Outs as well. It was truly insightful. Thank-you for sharing it with me.
      I hope you are a frequent visitor.
      Susan Fox aka Gaga

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