Gabrielle Gave Her Cheetah Plate to God
Gabrielle Gave Her Cheetah Plate to God

It’s Thanksgiving and there’s lots to be thankful for. In 2003 Gabrielle was 4 and she loved to spend the night. She had her own room. Now it’s the kids room. We had a routine. Bath, three stories, prayers. She was old enough to pick books that were as long as a novel so bed time was like an epic novel, long and incredibly drawn out. It was memorable. The prayers I’ve heard, I’ve laughed, cried, giggled and most of all been humbled. Gabi doesn’t pray like grown-ups pray. She just talks to God as if he were sitting on the bed. She speaks in a conversational tone with a lilted little girl voice. This is my Thanksgiving prayer to share with you.

God's Chetah Plate
God's Cheetah Plate

“Dear God, Gaga got me this cheetah plate so I am going to wash it and give it to you. I love you more than things, anything God. I really want you to have the cheetah plate God in case you don’t have anything to eat your lunch on.”                        Gabrielle Fox 2003

This is a coated paper plate.  I washed it.  Wouldn’t you? It had just been deemed God’s plate, what in the world else was I going to do with it.  Now here it is since 2003 in a plastic bag.  If you have a plate and it had just been deemed God’s plate to eat his lunch on you better take care of it. So now God has a cheetah plate to share our feast at Thanksgiving given from the heart of a child.

Grandma Tell me Your Memories
Grandma Tell me Your Memories

This is a great memory book. It prompts you to write stories of your life and you can do that. I use it to write about special times with the grand babies. When my Grandmother Chisholm died my most cherished treasure was her Bible with handwritten notes. I think I can see glimpses of her in her handwriting. I carry this to a whole new level. Imagine how surprised my grand-kids and great grand-kids will be when I am gone. My Bible has specific notes to the reader. Perhaps I have control issues. 🙂

November garden’s should be put to bed. You should have allowed the spent blooms to

Fall Rose Garden with Rose Hips
Fall Rose Garden with Rose Hips

form rose hips signaling dormancy to the plant. Here’s your schedule for what’s left of November: water as needed. Do not feed.  Spray if you are getting new growth because I do see black spot out there on some areas on the roses. Prepare for winter protection. Store all your materials in a dry place and secure away from children. Prepare for winter protection. During the winter months we will start planning spring gardens. I have interviews scheduled with Annie Haven and some soil experts. It will be exciting.

Geese Girls in Thanksgiving Regalia
Geese Girls in Thanksgiving Regalia

Thought you would want to see the goose girls in their Thanksgiving regalia!

And speaking of our feathered friends I was so surprised and delighted to see a local organic farm deliver their fresh organic turkey to my son’s home. Kelly and Jimmy  Duval of Frognot Farms are a local organic source for all natural beef, poultry and dairy products.

If you live in the North Texas area and you would like a fresh, organic hand processed organic turkey and you can act quickly contact:

Contact Kelly or Jimmy at Frognot Farms

Phone: 214-277-9952 or 214-493-9151

Email: or

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8 thoughts on “God’s Cheetah Plate”

  1. Dear sweet Susan,
    It delights my heart to read your beautiful words.
    What an incredible blessing you are in the many lives you touch and especially all the little ones.
    I love you with all my heart.

    1. Dear Erin,
      This little prayer was such a blessing to me as well and I am so glad I could share it. I have this plate sealed in a plastic bag and have since 2003. I washed in and sealed it and tucked it away. Should God come to lunch he has a cheetah plate to have his lunch on.
      The heart of a little child is such a beautiful gift and I feel I have felt the presence of God more while being a little child than at any other time. Thank-you for your wonderful comments, for reading and for following on Twitter my dear Twitter gem 😉
      Warmest regards,

  2. I like to read your posts dear . i often come to your blog and read your nice words . its good to have God in hearts . God words always make us feel humble and it softens our hearts . God Bless you All

    1. Dear Halim,
      Your kind works humble and encouragement me. It truly is good to have God in our hearts and to hear words spoken to God straight from the heart of a little child is the most precious gift of all.
      God bless you Halim.

  3. I love Gabrielle’s “Cheetah plate prayer.” What a precious memory. Hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving-we did with all my grandkids. We played Apples to Apples all afternoon-hysterical when played with grandkids ranging in age from 11-22 plus grown kids. It’s gonna be cold tonight!

    1. Dearest Linda,
      What a gift this little prayer was. Can you imagine? Little children think about things like this and she was determined God would have her cheetah plate because it was so special. I am glad you had a great Thanksgiving! It’s very cold in North Texas as well. But I love it, it’s very holiday-ish!

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