Gagasgarden Goose Girls Winter Garb
Gagasgarden Goose Girls Winter Garb

These little mythical like creatures were lovingly created by hand, formed from concrete and hand painted in a country town called Minooka, Il. Minooka in the 2000 census only had 3, 971 people. One of those people lovingly hand stitched clothes for our geese girls. We moved these little country concrete geese to Plano, Texas, with 273,611 residents. Plano is within the Dallas Fort Worth metropolitan area.

In 2005, Plano was designated the best place to live in the Western United States by CNN Money magazine. In 2006, Plano was selected as the 11th best place to live in the United States by CNN Money magazine. It has been rated as the wealthiest city in the United States by CNN Money In 2008, selected Plano one of the top three “Top Suburbs To Live Well” of Dallas.[6] The US Census Bureau declared Plano the wealthiest city of 2008. With that said Plano turned out not to be the best place for our little country geese to live because they were abducted right from our front door. A bold crime to be sure because these concrete geese are very heavy, and not easy to carry off and we keep the front of our home well lit at night.

Geese Girls in Thanksgiving Regalia
Geese Girls in Thanksgiving Regalia

We bought a full wardrobe for our geese girls for every season and each holiday. They have Easter dresses that they won’t be wearing. We kept all their clothes in a beautiful piece of furniture that my husband hand made by the front door so they could be dressed and re-dressed appropriately for change of seasons and weather change. When my husband brought these silly awkward little creatures and their clothes to this sophisticated city they needed fresh paint. I went to the hobby store and carefully selected the perfect shades to freshen them up so they would fit in. My husband gave them a beautiful fresh coat of paint even adding long black eye lashes that swooped out from under their bonnets. Guess what? My friends scoffed. They said “These geese girls are so not you!” And I said “these geese girls are not about me.”  As you may have noticed, there is a stone path along which I put the geese girls and every day little children and our grandchildren like to run along to see the geese girls. They swoop in, duck down and say hello to them. They crouch over and look in their eyes. Mothers have told me that their children stop everyday on their way to school to say good morning to them.

It's Too Deep, I Can't Waddle Through
It's Too Deep, I Can't Waddle Through

One afternoon a lovely neighborhood couple stopped their car, rolled down the window and told us they had stopped watching the weather and said “we wait to see if the geese girls have on the rain attire to see if it’s going to rain, they’re a much better predictor than the weatherman.” The geese girls and their costume changes brought a sense of neighborhood to my upscale community. Here’s my woeful plea: If you have seen us please alert us immediately because someone had the wherewithal to abduct the geese girls in their spring apparel. This would not have been an easy task because each must have weighed 35 to 50 pounds at least. Yes it’s true the geese girls have been abducted. Gone for good. And the little children in the neighborhood have said just one thing to me over and over. “I miss them, I liked the geese girls. There is a quack in our innocence and our sense of community I must admit.  These little innocent geese girls came from the country to the big city.

They Won't Be Needing Any Easter Dresses Any More
They Won't Be Needing Any Easter Dresses Any More

The city of Plano. Plano doesn’t mean plain as you might suspect. It means flat like the plains, just in case you were wondering. And things have gone a little flat around here without the geese girls and they won’t be dressed for Easter, spring or summer for that matter.


11 thoughts on “The Geese Girls Won’t Be Wearing Their Easter Dresses”

  1. GaGa, Tina and I laughed and just about cried reading this story. It’s amazing how something as whimsical as the “Geese Girls” can bring a community together. Keep us posted.

    1. Hi Annie,
      It is sad to think someone wanted them so badly to steal them. They put lots of effort into taking them.

  2. Poor Geese Girls…(I still believe one was suppose to be a Gander)…Plano is just not safe if your made of concrete. I think you owe it to them and the neighborhood children to continue the cycle and get new ones. Maybe they ran away cause you keep dressing the boy like a girl…lol

  3. Oh, I am so sorry for the abduction of the innocent Geese Girls! Their clothes were lovely. We used to have some of their relatives here in our little town, but I think they must have moved. I enjoyed their wardrobe changes, just as your neighbors did. It seems that there are no-good scoundrels no matter where you live.

  4. I feel very sad for your loss. Actually it is a loss for all.

    Whoever took them will have bad karma.

    I love you Susan. I hope you and your family have a beautiful day.

  5. Hello Gaga,

    I have to tell you that I’m surprised that someone would steal the geese girls! Have you posted “Wanted/Stolen” signs throughout the city? Let’s hope that both return home to their family where they belong! It’s a sad, sad day 🙁

    Arbor and Vine

    1. Hi Kathy,
      I did! They certainly must have wanted them. I think it was a planned kidnapping, they were heavy! I am sad about it but have a happy story soon.

  6. Sorry for the loss. I’ve heard of such things happening around here, too. They’re sure cute and sorely missed, I’m sure. Maybe they’ll find their way back one day :o)

    1. Hi Jim,
      I took the loss quite personally. Someone had to be very serious about acquiring the geese girls. They weighed at least 50 pounds each and were right by the front door. I hope they have a new happy home 🙁 I have adopted a new family.
      Take Care and hope you will visit often.

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