Rose Garden Draped in Snow
Rose Garden Draped in Snow
Rose Garden Draped in Snow

Snow blankets all around you, moon glistens like candlelight flickering to warm you.
Owls haunt me in the still of the night to dream a little dream of gardens bright.
Winds whisper of mystery and wonder as they hold those memories within your silent canes.
When I nestle in down blankets white to dream a little dream of majestic glories of gardens past.



Sunset in The Snow
Sunset in The Snow

Warmth waning, as the memories hold fast to plan, dear garden of the heart.
Still yearning for the first spring bud to appear from ‘neath the frozen bark,
My heart abounds with joy sweet dreams ’til sunbeams urge you from your slumber.
Sweet rest that leaves you reaching for new heights above you to touch heavens above
But in your dreams whatever they be, dream a little dream of what your awakening will bring.




Ingrid Bergman with Dew drops
Ingrid Bergman with Dew drops

Snow melting your mantle of protection that lingers.
Hear the crystals softly pelting, dripping liquid time ever present

As you awaken from your slumber, warmth and the sound of bees humming

softly cradles your first cognition as spring suddenly envelops you.
Winter was a mere cloud to wrap your canes in gentle slumber.
While you gain new strength for gardens in the sun,

may there be a touch of the fire that lights your life within me

to fuel the dreams that keep me dreaming dreams of you.

If you are so inclined hum to the tune of “Dream A Little Dream of Me”


6 thoughts on “Rose Garden Lullaby”

    1. Dear Carl,
      Thank-you so much for your kind comment. A garden in snow can serve as inspiration for many a poet. I enjoy your tweets.

  1. Susan, wonderful post. Love the photos of snow covered roses, but not nearly as much as I do the one’s in glorious bloom! Roses bring such joy and enrich our lives in so many ways. your sentiments capture that beautifully.

    1. Dear Chris,
      You are so right. The snow does serve to remind me of the life giving moisture we need though. The drought last year was brutal.
      Thanks for being so supportive.

    1. Dearest Teresa,
      I just am thankful for any form of moisture after the dreadful drought last summer. I wonder if an early spring will be like last March when we had 90 degree days.
      Warm thoughts your way,

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