N. Elevated Rose Garden 2013

The beautiful spring came: and when Nature resumes her loveliness, the human soul is apt to revive also ~ Harriet Ann Jacobs

N. Elevated Rose Garden 2013
Here is the elevated rose garden that we built a deck around.

Every bloom cycle is special but there is something glorious about the first bloom of spring. The world is glorious and bursting with new birth. This year the rose garden has been particularly rewarding to see how a second year garden can produce such a profusion of bloom. Two years ago we moved from Texas to Illinois. We had over 200 roses in Texas which consisted primarily of hybrid teas, floribundas, grandiflorias, shrubs, miniature roses and a few David Austin roses. Our plan was to establish new rose gardens on 3 acres in Illinois farm country and write about the process of converting from an urban to a country rosarian. It has been quite a transition.This post is to show you how this season of bloom only in its second year looks today and how it is possible to start over and how rewarding and easy it is to have a rose garden. Well maybe not easy but possible 😉


Gene Boerner Magnificent Floribunda, 2013 spring bloom
This is the floribunda garden that was the first rose bed we put in.



Easy Does It 2013
This is Easy Does it, a floribunda rose that will grow in almost any climate.

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