Many Gloves Were Compared

Many Gloves Were Compared

“Your Hands Are The Most Precious Tool You Own”TM

Bionic Gloves are part of my outdoor wardrobe. Now. One episode of poison ivy too late. It is said confession is good for the soul. I confess until last summer I could not identify poison ivy, poison oak, or poison sumac. One trip to the family doctor, two trips to the allergist, two allergy shots, one series of prednisone, calamine lotion, antihistamines, showering with & scrubbing with Tecnu Extreme Poison Ivy Scrub, using two tubes of Ivarest, and a series of antibiotics later now I can.

Did you know that the roots of poison ivy are 100 times more potent than the leaves? Of course I was ripping poison ivy out from under our big trees by the roots with my bare hands and whipping it around in my shorts. The allergist diagnosed the case I had as a severe case of systemic poison ivy, caused by the by the oil urushiol, which is contained in various plants, including the plants of the genus Toxicodendron (including poison ivy, poison oak, and poison sumac). Now before next season I want to be sure you can identify to the best of your ability these noxious plants in your area.

Poison Ivy Saying: “Leaflets Three, Let It Be”

Pictures of Poison Ivy

Poison Oak Description

  • Poison oak leaflets are rounder than poison ivy, suggesting a white oak leaf.
  • Poison oak branches are smooth, without hairs.
  • Poison oak only grows up to six feet tall.

Prevention: Learn the facts and teach others by practicing to identify plants.

Tips that can help you prevent getting poison ivy rash:

  • Wear protective clothing: long-sleeved shirts, close toed shoes when you are moving through foliage.
  • Wear protective gauntlets* like Bionic Gloves*
  • The branches are even toxic during their dormancy.
  • Teach others to recognize poison ivy, poison oak, etc. as well.

Gaga Cares About Your Feet …And Your Hands

Oui One Weeds

We were all in the car a few weeks ago when my 7 year old Granddaughter announced to everyone, “Gaga you are the best Gaga in the whole wide world!” I swelled with pride, sat back and waited for the close of this sentence, and then she said,  “Because you care about our feet.” I burst out laughing. That’s because every time I see the kids I give them my shoes or have them put warm socks or slippers on or make them put their shoes on before running outside. So you say Gaga, “What’s your point?” These tips are to help you learn how to protect yourself and your family so you don’t ever have to go through what I did last summer. I still have scars from the poison ivy and the bout I had with it that ruined a good part of last summer. Learn to identify the plants now if you don’t know how and save yourself so much misery. So you see I care about your hands and your feet. Now I can add to my Illinois gardening country life education: Moles, Voles, Gophers, Chiggers… and Poison Ivy.

Gloves from Gaga's Garden and Corona Tools By-Pass Convertible Pruners
Gloves from Gaga’s Garden and Corona Tools By-Pass Convertible Pruners, Planting Proven Winners ‘Oso Easy’ Roses | Flexzilla Garden Hose

*As you can see I’ve worn many types of gloves made and by far Bionic Gloves are the best I’ve worn so far especially for arm protection. The key factor for liking these gloves is that they allow manual dexterity while wearing them. I listed the reasons below by order of importance. Wendy Tilley sent me the gloves to try with just a request to give her an honest opinion of their quality. Most people I have found don’t mind paying for quality. The Bionic gauntlets are $42.00. That is a bit pricey but I’ve gone through many $14.00-$20.00 gloves that just don’t last. These gloves hold up. I hope if you buy these gloves which I only tell you about products I believe in, you’ll go through Wendy, she is a big supporter of the American Rose Society and her price is the same as any where as far as I know.

Wendy is a seller of this product via her Web site The Rose Gardener . Thank-you Wendy.

  • Comfort – Bionic Gloves ‘fit like a glove’ allowing maneuverability and manual dexterity
  • Cover all exposed area of your forearm protecting you from any substance you may be allergic to
  • Fit, these gloves allow me to work as if I’m not wearing gloves
  • Washable, and they breath so they are coolBionic Gloves | Soft Durable | Comfortable

Bionic Gloves | Soft Durable | Comfortable

A Big Job Requiring Gloves!
A Big Job Requiring Gloves!

Gloves! Its never Too Early To Get Them In the Habit To Wear Hand Protection!
Kids Are Fascinated With Gloves! Its never Too Early To Get Them In the Habit To Wear Hand Protection!
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This Boy Loves Gloves
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