‘Children’s Hopeâ„¢’ Mega-Sized Candelabra

‘Children’s Hopeâ„¢’

Wordless Wednesday is dedicated to a rose called ‘Children’s Hopeâ„¢’ with a mission to contribute to the Children’s Brain Tumor Foundation. It’s perfect for small space and container gardening. And it’s perfectly named. Here’s Weeks Roses description of their rose and what it looks like in the garden from every angle.

“We all have hopes and dreams. For children, it’s to be healthy so they can play. The Children’s Brain Tumor Foundation *helps get sick children back to good health.

‘Children’s Hopeâ„¢’ bred by Tom Carruth in the Garden June, 2017

Their mission is to improve treatment, help with quality of life and the long-term outlook of children with brain and spinal cord tumors through research, support, education, and advocacy to families and survivors.

‘Children’s Hope’ Spray

Each sale of the ‘Children’s Hopeâ„¢’ rose helps to achieve this mission with a portion of the proceeds going back to the foundation. The foundation contribution is an added bonus to your purchase as you are also getting a blooming machine of a rose!

'Children's Hope' Rose Bush
‘Children’s Hope’ Rose Bush

Each little medium red pompom-like flower is produced in big clusters on a perfectly even rounded plant. The shorter compact habit makes this selection ideal for a smaller spot in the landscape or as a focal point in a decorative pot on a balcony or patio. If this describes what you’re looking for in the garden, don’t look any further as ‘Children’s Hopeâ„¢’ has shown excellent performance in most climates of the country with very good disease resistance.

'Children's Hope' Planted in April 2017
‘Children’s Hopeâ„¢’ Planted in April 2017, already covered in sprays of candelabras

Rose Name:

Children’s Hope™



Patent #:




Flower Color:

Medium red with light smoke on the edge


Slight tea to fruity

Bud Form:

Pointed & ovoid

Flower Form:

Old fashion, decorative & very double

Flower Size:

Small, around 1½-2 inch diameter, in large clusters

Petal Count:

over 45

Stem Length:


Plant Habit:


Growth Habit:

Rounded & bushy

Foliage Color:

Glossy dark green

Disease Resistance:

Very good


Tom Carruth


Sweet Chariot x (Goldmarie x Baby Bloomers)

Introduced By:

Weeks Roses

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