'Above and Beyond' Roses in Bloom in the Rose Garden

Celebrate The First Rose In Bloom

'Above and Beyond'
‘First ‘Above and Beyond’ Blossom of 2020

‘Above and Beyond’ bred by David Zlesak debuts as the first rose to bloom in Gaga’s Rose Garden 2020 in spite of a very cool spring and lack of very much sun. This rose is so appropriately named. It is far ‘above and beyond’ what you could expect of any climbing rose in fragrance, color, winter hardiness, and disease resistance.

‘Above and Beyond’ bred by David Zlesak featured at Bailey Nurseries debuts as the first rose to bloom in Gaga’s Rose Garden 2020. Fertilized with Espoma Organic Rosetone and Bio-tone it has exceeded my wildest expectations going into only it’s 3rd growing season!’ Susan Fox
Single ‘Above and Beyond’ Rosa

Large-flowered, climbing rose ‘Above and Beyond’ is winter hardy even in Zone 3. (Canada) It’s covered in apricot flowers primarily in the spring with beautiful spice fragrance. The climber reaches heights of 9 to 13 feet and spreads of 13 to 16 feet. I’ve read it can be pruned as a shrub but haven’t pruned it back myself. It is disease resistant. However you all that have followed all of my posting on this magnificent plant know I lost the first ‘Above and Beyond to RRD. I have a Facebook Video of the tractor pulling the monster ‘Above and Beyond Numero Uno’ out. I cried.

‘Above and Beyond Numero Dos’

This is ‘Above And Beyond Numero Dos’. David Zlesak sent it to me two seasons ago upon losing Numero Uno. So this will be only the 3rd season for ‘Above and Beyond Numero Dos’. When I received it, it was no more than a wisp of a plant, so imagine how fast it grows. I highly recommend it.

First Rose Blossom of 2020

Fragrance Attracts Little Bees

Award Winning Apricot Climber

Sprawling Apricot Climber Beauty About To Burst With Color

Introduced as part of Bailey’s First Editions program. The plant was one of six winners at the Retailer’s™ Choice Awards.

Walkway of Peach Roses

”Above and Beyond’ Blossoms on the Walkway

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'Above And Beyond' by Bailey Nurseries bred by David Zlesak is an Award Winning Apricot Climbing Rose, the First to Bloom of Gaga's Garden Spectacular Rose Garden
Fragrance Attracts Little Bees