Geese Family Welcomes Spring

Geese Family Welcomes Spring

What a cool spring! Weather now fascinates me. Did you ever see the Saturday Night Live skit She Turned Into Her Mother? Summary: In a horror movie spoof, a man (Tom Hanks) watches idly as his wife (Julia Sweeney) makes the full transformation into her mother. That’s now me. Here’s how it happened. I used to travel all the time, my mother would watch the weather channel alerting me to weather perils and appropriate garb to pack. And yes, she watched Murder She Wrote, with Angela Lansbury. One time when she was visiting me in Texas she was booked on a flight back to Chicago that had a connection on the eastern seaboard.

Gander | Goose | Spring Goslings
Gander | Goose | Spring Goslings
Mr. Gander protests as he chased me and gave me a good pinch as I walked away for getting too close to his family 😉

On the sound advice of the weather channel she said to me “the worst snow storm is predicted to hit the eastern seaboard today” and perhaps I should change my flight.” I scoffed and said, “Mother that’s absurd, no one changes their flight based on the weather channel.” We arrived at DFW and practically all the other carriers had cancelled flights heading into the east coast except her carrier and frankly the ticket agent seemed a little worried. I put her on the plane trusting the airlines to make the best decision about cancelling the flight. Later that day she was on the evening news. Her plane skidded off the runway due to icy conditions. She had to slide down the inflatable emergency exit! No one was able to find her for the entire week-end due to the fact that all communications were down for the entire week-end! Can you imagine the hilarity and her vindication of seeing that skit on SNL the first time?

Now it appears I have turned into my mother,

Tots Ready for A Storm
Tots Ready for A Storm


I watch the weather channel and call my kids and tell them to put helmets on the grand-babies and get in the inside room with no windows when there are tornado warnings in Texas. It seems I share a weather fascination with lots of folks. If you love to dig deep into weather charts, graphs and studies visit Jack Falker, The Minnesota Rose Gardener’s site. He talks about  all sorts of weather trends here.


Tot Tornado Preparedness
Tot Tornado Preparedness

It seems based on weather channel predictions my plant hardiness zone 6b will be a longer, cooler spring due to the polar vortex dipping and lingering lower within the Northern Hemisphere. The Doppler radar then showed a beautiful blue polar dip including my zone. So be it. Remember, my mother, the general’s proclamation upon leaving west Texas for Northern Illinois, “its easier to get warm than to cool off.”
After the last few droughts and a couple of summers that I lost count of days over 100 and without rain in Texas I discovered I just may be a natural born Yankee. There I’ve said it. I like cool weather better than hot weather. What a cool spring!



Bonica, Shrub | This is Bonica when I first planted it in my Texas rose garden outside the bay window.
Bonica, Shrub | This is Bonica when I first planted it in my Texas rose garden outside the bay window. That’s a Strawberry Marguerita I have in my hand for the Wine & Rose Tour of the day

Also I was reminded that the first rose that bloomed in Texas was on St. Patrick’s Day and it was always Bonica. Sometimes we might have to wait as late as Father’s Day for the first rose to bloom in Northern Illinois.  

Bonica, Shrub rose always the first to bloom in the spring
Bonica, Shrub rose always the first to bloom in the spring in my Texas rose garden

5 thoughts on “What A Cool Spring!”

  1. Oh those days when I “feel” my mother!!! Lovely stories. The Polar Vortex has left us with stories to tell for a long long long time I’m thinking! 🌹💚 We are ready for some warmth here in Zone 5b.

    1. Hi Teresa,
      I just couldn’t believe it, Not only should they have cancelled the flight she had an emergency landing! I just about never lived it down and she never brought it up! So like her.
      Take Care and thanks as always for your wonderful comments.

  2. Enjoyed your comments although I don’t ever expect to hear myself say that I prefer cool to warm weather. I am looking forward to getting rid of this cold winter!

    1. Hi Diane,
      Just wait until its 100 degrees, you will miss this cool weather, HA! Are you moved into your new house? Pretty soon you will have to start all new gardens. I mentioned you in the last Rosechat podcast, talking directly to you!
      Thank-you for your comments as always,

  3. Love the story about your mom, my cousin! Some experience- and I just bet you miss some of our warm weather down here-not the hot but the warm! Beautiful Bonita rose bush-

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