'Black Dog'Shonka Sabe (Black Dog). Chief of the Hunkah division of the Osage tribe

“We lead people by their hearts, not their minds.”

                                                                        ~ Gordon Tredgold

Allen Posing with a Distinguished Statue in the Park
Allen Posing with a Distinguished Turkey Statue in the Park

Who is P. Allen Smith?

He’s an award-winning garden expert, author, engaging story-teller and television host that will capture your heart

P. Allen Smith Rose Garden
P. Allen Smith Rose Garden

A Winning Team

Each year Allen and his formidable team lead by dynamo Mimi San Pedro invite garden writers to his Moss Mountain Farm in Arkansas to exchange ideas with each other and share the beauty of Arkansas with the world. Last year and next week we will be guests at The Capitol Hotel in Little Rock Arkansas. I’ve listed via Listly all the writers who are attending below. You can click like or add writers if you know they are going and I may have missed someone.

The winning Team P. Allen Smith and Mimi San Pedro
The Winning Team | Allen and Mimi San Pedro
Mary Ellen Pyle #G2B15
Mary Ellen Pyle | with Allen for over 20 years and a lovely task master! #G2B15

The Gardens

Last year we met a couple in the hotel that had traveled from Dubai to have their wedding in the Moss Mountain Rose Garden. The Wedding Planner was Renown Moss Mountain Weddings James Sumpter. Upon my first view of the rose garden I could understand why this couple would travel from around the world to have their wedding here.

Gardens at P. Allen Smith
Gardens at P. Allen Smith

I Wonder What Allen’s First Thoughts

were when he walked into the natural vortex, that draws you down a gentle sloping path forming a natural circular little valley along the Arkansas River. Was it, “And here I will build my rose garden, and they will come from far away lands to see it.” The Moss Mountain Rose Garden is designed within that natural circular valley. As I walked along the path to the rose garden I felt drawn into its beauty as if an unseen magical force was beckoning me into the ethereal depths. I learned from Allen to think on a grand scale when I saw his rose garden. I reminds me of Versailles.

Is That Your Grandmother?!

'Black Dog'Shonka Sabe (Black Dog). Chief of the Hunkah division of the Osage tribe
‘Black Dog’ Shonka Sabe (Black Dog). Chief of the Hunkah division of the Osage tribe as the painting hangs on P. Allen Smith’s dining room wall

Allen’s sense of humor is the most endearing of all his amazing talents. Dry and witty he keeps his guests entertained. Charming as ever he captivated us all with this story. Allen explained when he invites groups to his home inevitably they will be taken on the tour of his private Moss Mountain Farm residence. A student of human nature he explained he likes to catch side conversations. In the tradition of farmhouses of 100 years ago Allen has a parlor off to the right as you enter the residence. Straight ahead into the dining area is a life size painting of the famous Osage Indian Chief Shonka Sabe (Black Dog), Chief of the Hunkah division of the Osage tribe. Painted in 1834 by George Catlin known to be over 6 feet tall in full Indian regalia even carrying a rather large tomahawk. While taking the the group on tour Allen listened as the group rounded the corner and an obviously highly observant guest saw the impressive grand painting and said “I wonder if that’s Allen’s grandmother?” Allen quick witted as ever, replied with that raspy way of his holding back a little laugh,  “Not unless my grandmother carried a tomahawk!”

Stay Tuned For Allen’s Story of Taking His Pair Of Swans To New York City! New York City???!!! Yes! #G2B15 The Story Is Told for Posterity!

Edwin, Allen's prize Rooster
Edwin, Allen’s prize Rooster in the Chicken Palace

Who Is P. Allen Smith? A Master Story Teller!

P. Allen Smith Telling the Story of His Swans
P. Allen Smith Telling the Story of How His Swans Killed Each Other and Made A Debut in An Art Display in New York City and on the Front Page of the New York Times Arts Section

Visit Moss Mountain Farm And Find Out

If you haven’t made your summer plans I highly recommend going to visit Moss Mountain Farm and Little Rock Arkansas. And if you are planning a wedding this setting is idyllic.  Please watch next week for my posts about the #ARStory. I am delighted that garden delight herself, Julie Thompson Adolf and I of Garden Delights have been ask to take a road trip by the Arkansas Tourism Bureau and tell you about their beautiful state.

Star Roses and Plants Knock-Out® Roses in Bloom
Star Roses and Plants Knock-Out® Roses in Bloom

List of Garden 2 Blog Attendees 2015

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