Cat Hat? or Butt Head?

Beautiful Izzy Cat Hat Juxtoposed to Butt Head!?

Pets like routines. Don’t you think they need their routines as much as their human companions? If we don’t go to bed when Izzy thinks its bed time she starts running around acting like a sheep herder, corralling one or the other of us toward the bedroom. People wouldn’t believe the antics Izzy goes through to control her misbehaving wards in this house. The first thing I do each AM is feed the kitties before I get coffee and go to the rose garden or Izzy throws a tantrum. Then Izzabelle and I have coffee. She gets in my lap facing outward. I better pet her just so. If I don’t she runs around and bangs on ‘Big Daddy’s’ door until he gets up. If I start working on the computer or change the routine in any way she gets on my shoulders and starts by licking my left eyebrow then she gently bites my chin and then positions her self comfortable on my head. Usually she sits facing forward, with her back paws on my shoulders. Yesterday for the first time, she sat on my head backwards with her tail wrapped around my head. I tried to get my camera to send the pic to the kids because I’m sure no one would believe what it looks like! Does this make me a butt head? Or is this a Cat Hat? Let me know and be nice. And what do you think about this amazing border collie I saw on the ‘Blacktop to Fillmore’ driving home from the airport after the American Rose Society 2015 Fall Convention. Animals really do some of the most amazing things. #WordlessWednesday. Then we pet the workshop kitties, let them outside to share the beauty of the rose garden with you by taking pictures and having coffee in the garden together.  By the way when I wrote this I didn’t October 29th is National Cat Day. #WordlessWednesday.

Izzy Like Potpourri

The new Aromatique Potpourris Passes Izzy’s Sniff Test

RedOct_W15‘Redemption’ at Sunrise in the rose Garden

Izzabelle and Me in our Reading Position

Izzabelle and Me Reading

Fall_W15‘Europeana’ & ‘Doris Day’ for #WordlessWednesday #Fall

Squeaks Enjoying The Rose Garden

Squeaks Enjoying The Rose Garden


Izzy on a Puppy

Nadia pondering her Halloween Costume 'Avenger' 'Digital Dress' ? It 'wears' her out! #AdoptBlackCats

Nadia pondering her Halloween Costume ‘Avenger’ ‘Digital Dress’ ? It ‘wears’ her out! #AdoptBlackCats

Izzy on a Puppy

'He Answers To A Higher Power'

‘He Answers To A Higher Power’ | The Fillmore Blacktop