Memorial Day Blooming in the Garden in Illinois


‘Memorial Day’  Hybrid Tea Rose Blooming Today in Central IL Rose Garden

“This One Is Definitely a ‘Year of the Rose’ Rose ~ All America Garden Selections

'Memorial Day' Blooming on a Fall Day in Illinois
‘Memorial Day’ Blooming on a Fall Day in Illinois

‘Memory Gardens’ of roses and companion plants are very popular.

Gardens to memorialize loved ones are a place of serenity and contemplation inspiring a sense of connection to your loved ones to keep your memories of them alive.

'Veterans Honor' Picture 'Veterans' Honor in Peak Form: Picture Taken May 18th, 2017 in Illinois Garden
‘Veterans Honor’ Picture ‘Veterans’ Honor in Peak Form: Picture Taken May 18th, 2017 in Illinois Garden

Planning Your Own Memory Rose Garden

  1. Decide who you want to memorialize, perhaps order or make a plaque or bench for spending time and reflection. The Gardens of the American Rose Society offer ways to memorialize loved ones in their rose gardens in Shreveport, LA.*
  2. Choose a location with 6-8 hours of sun. Some roses do fine in partial shade. Both Europeana & Iceberg became covered in partial shade in my Texas rose garden and continued to flourish. This article discusses roses in partial shade by Al Whitcomb.
  3. You can order ‘Memorial Day’ from Jackson & Perkins’ online to plant as a tribute to loved ones. The most often asked question I had at the Chicago Flower & Garden Show is “Where do I find the varieties of roses I have?”, Jackson & Perkins online is an excellent source for Weeks Roses, Star & Certified Roses, since they are wholesale rose growers.
  4. Here are some ideas of roses suitable for a Memory Rose Garden, and ‘Memorial Day’ is a rose that tolerates heat very well. It’s included in the June issue of the American Rose Magazine article I wrote ‘Some Roses Like It Hot’ .

Roses Evoke Fond Memories

'Memorial Day' Blooming on a Fall Day in Illinois
‘Memorial Day’ Blooming on a Fall Day in Illinois

Memorial Gardens are becoming more popular as a way to honor and pay tribute to those that have passed on. Roses are especially popular as a flower to plant ‘In Loving Memory” of your loved ones because they trigger fond memories by their name or because they may have been their favorite rose.

September 11th is as good a time as any to start your very own Garden of Memories. We’re only a Website away to answer your questions about rose growing. There are so many plants including roses that can be planted in the fall. It’s a great time to plan, order and start your ‘Memory Garden’. Fall planting is really fun, because its cooler weather.

*The American Rose Society has a program that allows you to make a donation and buy a plaque or bench and have a loved one’s name placed in the Garden at The American Rose Center placed in a loved one’s memory. Call the American Rose Society and ask to speak to Carol for details, please tell Carol Susan Fox referred you.

American Rose Society 8877 * Jefferson Paige Road * Shreveport, LA * 71119 * Tel: 318-938-5402            Contact: Carol Spiers 

'Crimson Bouquet'
‘Crimson Bouquet’ a Meilland Grandiflora Rose at sunrise in the garden


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