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Ancient Concept of “Oui Theory” pronounced WE. He as ONE can accomplish on Monday what “Oui” did not on Sunday. Ancient art.




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Gabi & Gaga in the Garden Oui Theory Works

The ‘Oui Theory’, Fuzzy logic corresponds to “degrees of truth,” out of this basic premise ‘Oui Theory’ emerges.

Many of you have heard of Big Bang, String Theory and Einstein’s Theory of Relativity*. Today I introduce to you, the urban/rural dedicated gardener, ‘Oui Theory’. And I predict controversies to tumble over into those parallel newly discovered dimensions that string theory suggests that you may or may not even exist in. ‘Oui Theory’ is so simple and elegant that it will possibly punch a hole in the dimension you live in today.

‘Oui Theory’ is simply this, Oui (pronounced we and French for yes), can accomplish the work of two while you are not there. The artful gardener must first identify all of her/his resources and that must include your labor force. Your resources include who can do the work that you have identified that you would like to have done in your garden while you were at home and you would like completed after you are not there by putting the Oui Theory to work for you. Now that is parallel universe optimization. You will not be there and work will be getting done by someone you have identified that essentially is in a parallel universe toiling away at things Oui have mutually agreed to do and then enjoy together, maybe. You carefully planned it, purchased the plants, perhaps even did beautiful sketches, you visualized it in the other beautiful universe which of course is your mind. Now here is where your genious will put Steven Hawking to shame, ‘Oui Theory’ actually translates into “Yes” Dear. Oui Theory simply stated is “yes dear, I see your logic we (oui) will complete this project while you are (at work, getting your nails done, hair appointment, shopping, taking a trip around the world, taking French cooking classes, going to buy a new car, get the oil changed, play soccer, play golf, ad infinitum…”.

Source *Urban Dictionary




20 thoughts on “Oui Theory”

  1. I really like the Oui Theory. I’ll have to subscribe to this new way of seeing the universe. I wonder if “we” will accept this new universe? I’ll let you know!

    1. They say the Universe is expanding all the time and Oui theory really is expanding mine at a rapid rate. I’ll send instructions on RSS subscribing.

  2. I think Katherine already figured this one out. Like “Oui can plant a rose bush here”. All oui have to do is dig a hole in limestone.

    1. Dear Margie, It is always very special to be acknowledged by someone that is as talented as you are. Thank-you. Gaga

    1. Stan, The green house is getting crowded. While watering the first occupants I was covered with fire ants swarming out of the lantana. What is going on? And where’s the mouse going to live? Everything and everybody want to live in the green house and I must say the view is specatacular. Gaga

    1. Dearest Margie,
      And you are one of my favorite ladies by far. I must admit this post is one of my favorite writings as well. Thank-you for being such an avid, staunch supporter. It encourages me daily. I need to get going on 2011. Your work is brilliant and it spurs me on to do more. I believe you are an example to so many people. Thank-you Margie.
      Warmest Regards and Happy New Year,

  3. I believe Michio Kaku has a chapter on “Oui Theory” in his new book, “Physics of the Future.” With Oui Theory, the future is now.

    1. Hi Vicki,
      Forgive this late response! I am amazed at your knowledge and love it! I visited and will study Mr. Kaku for inspiration.
      Please be a frequent visitor. I will be back at writing. Work has kept me tied up a bit.

    1. Thanks so much for your comment. I loved writing this post.
      I find it to be more true every day…

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