Floribunda Rose Garden
Floribunda Rose Garden
Gaga’s Floribunda Country Rose Garden

 Pruning post traumatic stress disorder (PPTSD) Remembered

Kids do say the darnedest things.” Traveling South on the N. Dallas Tollway,  5 year old Ella said, “Gaga, I’ve been thinking ’bout goin’ to church but my parents don’t even know what day it is.” “Gabi always knows what day it is because she’s as smart as a penguin learning to swim on their own, and you’re as smart as a flower learning to bloom Gaga and I love you that much, but my parents, they don’t ever even know what day it is!” The implication was now that I was visiting maybe we could figure out what day was Sunday and go to church.

Gaga and Ella
Kids Do Say The Darndest Things

Already ‘they,’ those pesky parents, had been outed, when she had dressed in her black velvet Christmas dress for bed to match my Ralph Lauren cotton sleep shirt. I told her she might get too warm sleeping in her black velvet Christmas dress even if we did match so she had stripped down and started to look for something else to wear.

Gabi is Smart: She Knows the Days of the Week
Gabi is Smart: She Knows the Days of the Week



As I looked for something cooler she said  “I am so sad, ’bout the laundry, my Mom …(said in a tone of absolution for Mom because of course she had a baby) she had a baby now my parents aren’t interested in doing the laundry and I told my Dad he has a job to do! But he isn’t interested.

Canadian Honker in Flight
Canadian Honker Flying North for the Summer and Other Signs of Spring Will Be Here Soon










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