Bejazzo | Kordes | Best Climber
Bejazzo | Kordes | Best Climber
Bejazzo | Kordes | Best Climber

“Since 2011, Biltmore’s Rose Garden has been home to the trials in which more than 90 varieties from growers and breeders worldwide have been planted and cared for by Biltmore’s expert horticulturalists. Each trial lasts two years and a permanent jury judges the roses four times per year. During this year’s competition, the international and permanent juries will conduct the final round of judging for the trial group of 29 roses planted in 2012.

Honorine de Brabant
Honorine de Brabant | Best Established Roses | Biltmore Rose Trials

“Biltmore’s historic Rose Garden is the perfect setting for trials,” said Lucas Jack, Biltmore’s rosarian and trials manager. “We’ve enjoyed introducing these new varieties to our guests as they stroll through the gardens. It has been an educational experience, and it complements the work we do to care for Biltmore’s collection of old garden and modern roses.”

'Miracle On The Hudson' | Best Shrub| by Robery Neal Rippetoe @FrancisRoses Most Disease Resistant | Best Growth Habit | Overall Winner | Best Over All Biltmore Rose Trials
‘Miracle On The Hudson’ | Best Shrub| by Robery Neal Rippetoe @FrancisRoses Most Disease Resistant | Best Growth Habit | Overall Winner | Best Over All Biltmore Rose Trials

Before entering their roses into trials and competition, breeders work on their creations for four or five years prior. Roses to be judged this year are from Canada, France, Ireland, Germany, the UK and the U.S.

'Tequila Supreme' | Best Floribunda | Meilland | Star Roses and Plants
‘Tequila Supreme’ | Best Floribunda | Meilland | Star Roses and Plants

The trials are a valuable way for the home gardener to learn what roses do well and what may be potential candidates for their own gardens. Trials of this type are open to rose breeders around the world – from professional to beginner. New rose varieties will be planted for trial each May. They are evaluated for overall health and rigor; fragrance; disease resistance; and ability to repeat bloom.

'Francis Meilland' | Best Hybrid Tea | Meilland | Star Roses and Plants
‘Francis Meilland’ | Best Hybrid Tea | Meilland | Star Roses and Plants

Guests visiting Biltmore’s gardens may view the roses currently on trial in borders in the Walled Garden and areas near the Rose Garden. Peak blooming time in Biltmore’s rose garden occurs typically in mid-May and September.”

'Sweet Drift' | Best Ground Cover | Meilland | Star Roses and Plants
‘Sweet Drift’ | Best Ground Cover | Meilland | Star Roses and Plants

Thank-you Paul Zimmerman on twitter @PZimmermanRoses Lucas Jack, Parker Andes and LeeAnn Donnelly  and all the gracious folks who were the epitome of Southern hospitality at The Biltmore on Twitter @BiltmoreEstate for inviting us to judge this spectacular affair. Check out @VisitNC on Twitter

'Pookah' Polyantha and 'Bejazzo' Climber Winners of Biltmore Rose Trials
‘Pookah’ and ‘Bejazzo’ Winners of #BiltmoreRoseTrials

The Biltmore Rose Trials 2014 Results

  • ‘Honorine de Brabant’ | Best Established Roses

  • ‘Bejazzo’ | Best Climber | Kordes

  • ‘Tequila Supreme’ | Best Floribunda | Meilland | Star Roses and Plants

  • ‘Sweet Drift’ | Best Ground Cover | Meilland | Star Roses and Plants

  • ‘Francis Meilland’ | Best Hybrid Tea | Meilland | Star Roses and Plants

  • ‘Miracle On The Hudson’ | Best Shrub Robert Neal Rippetoe | @FrancisRoses

  • ‘Pookah’ |Best Open Group | Polyantha | by the Late and Beloved James Delahanty

  • ‘Munstead Wood’ Most Fragrant David Austin Roses

  • ‘Miracle On The Hudson’ | Most Disease Resistant | Best Growth Habit | Best Overall Winner @Francis Roses

Congratulations to all the winners of the 2014 Biltmore Rose Trials.

Susan Fox and Paul Zimmerman at The Biltmore Rose Trials Asheville NC
Susan Fox and Paul Zimmerman at The Biltmore Rose Trials Asheville NC


Bouquet of 'Honorine de Brabant' Best Establish Rose, A Bourban
Bouquet of ‘Honorine de Brabant’ Best Establish Rose, A Bourbon Rose

13 thoughts on “Biltmore Rose Trial Winners 2014 Announced”

    1. Dear Miriam,
      It was an opportunity of a lifetime. I was very honored to be there. And I learned so much from many of the world’s Master Rosarians including President and Vice President of the American Rose Society respectively Ms. Jolene Adams and Ms. Pat Shaley who were both in attendance and serving as judges as well. I want to thank Paul Zimmerman, Consultant to the Biltmore Estate and the Horticultural Team at The Biltmore, especially Lucas Jack, Rosarian and Trials Manager, Parker Andes, Director of Horticulture and LeeAnn Donnelly Marketing and PR Manager for inviting me to participate, it was indeed an honor and a privilege.
      Thank-you for your comment. I hope we can bring more of the HomeTalk wonderful audience and gardeners into the rose growing community.
      Warmest regrads,
      Warmest Regards

    2. Dearest Miriam,
      Forgive my late reply. The event and the people were all part of an unforgettable experience. I hope to be able to acquire theses roses so we can grow them and write about them as well. Thanks so much for writing and your support. Hopefully you can come next year.

  1. ‘Tequila Supreme’ is one I wasn’t familiar with, but what a beauty. How much fun you all must have had. I’ve enjoyed seeing the photos and your tweets and facebook shares.

    1. Dearest Dee,
      It was truly an extraordinary event. I was very honored to be part of it. The roses that won were really exciting and I can’t wait to see them as part of the American landscape.
      Thanks for your comments. You are always so supportive and I appreciate you and your work.

    2. Hi Dee,
      I am sorry for the late reply. The roses and the folks were just wonderful. I hope to get most of these roses of course!
      Thanks so much for your comment. Love hearing from you as always.

  2. hi gaga i am new to your blog and i can truly say i love it…the pictures of the roses make me swoon… i am also new to growing roses only have 4 so far as budget lets me buy more and one did survive this past horrid winter and she is covered in pink roses as we speak i will be back thanks xx

    1. Hi Chris,
      Sorry for the late reply! I must have missed your message. I will try to do better. Keep coming back and be sure to go to my 3 Facebook pages, gagasgardens and gardenlegends. during the blooming season I keep pictures up as fast as I can. I am the full time gardener. 🙂

  3. I could not be more thrilled to see that my friend, Jim Delahanty’s rose ‘Pookah’ won in the “Best Open Group”. Polyanthas are my favorite rose class and ‘Pookah’ is a beauty. I’m glad you had a wonderful time. Your photos are outstanding!


    1. Dear Sue,
      You and me both! Isn’t this rose the most adorable thing you ever saw! I really want this rose!
      I did get some fabulous pics!
      Luvya Cuz!

    2. Dear Sue,
      Isn’t that the prettiest rose ever! I’m sure there will be a place for that rose. Every inch of it was covered in blooms!
      Luvya Cuz,

  4. Susan, I m glad that you were apart of the Biltmore trials, it was a pleasure to meet you and to judge the roses. it was a great experience.

    1. David,
      It was such an honor to be among the judges and to meet you in person. It was a magical and memorable day I shall truly never forget. I’m glad we were able to have some quality time in the Biltmore Rose Garden. Everyday many in the business world suggest that social media is a panacea although social media is just another channel to engage and form “relationships”. Although nothing takes the place of face-to-face though does it? Here’s how I came to be such a fan of Witherspoon Roses: When I worked more closely with Rosechat we interviewed David Strickland with your company and we thought he was so knowledgeable and did a fantastic interview for your company. Later when I couldn’t find any potted roses because I am about 60 miles from a major metro and any large Independent Garden Center that carries the types of roses that I would have an interest in, that’s when Chris Van Cleave suggested why didn’t I call David Strickland. I sent David a list, and he had Seth get my order and send it. All of the first roses I planted in the third stage rose garden are from Witherspoon Roses. (I’ve since added some in the garden that are directly from Weeks Roses and from Proven Winners and Conard Pyle Star Roses and Plants) I’ve been writing articles about transitioning from and leaving 200 roses of my award winning rose garden in Texas to starting over in Illinois and putting in all new rose gardens. The plants I received from Witherspoon Roses selected by Seth (who by the way told me he never looks at all the positive PR I have given y’all;) ) were the most high quality bare root roses I have ever received from a provider of bare root products. I have readers from all over the world, over 4k twitter followers and they want to know who to trust for good plants. The reason I am telling you this David is because everyone knows a company can pay for advertising but third party endorsement is invaluable. Read my LinkedIn profile, as my background is in marketing advertising and PR, social media, etc. My readers need to know about good plants and many of them are afraid of planting bare root plants. I am working to educate people about getting good plants and being successful with roses, that’s why I was awarded the ARS “Presidential Citation for promoting the roses and rose education via social media”. Getting quality plants is key. All through my articles I attribute the success of the third stage of my rose garden to the quality of the plants I received from Witherspoon Roses and write about this often David because of the work David Strickland did in taking the time to select such grade 1 plants that arrived in perfect condition, his interview on Rosechat and taking the time with Seth to give such good customer service. Is this measurable? According to my son who is the Head of Digital Analytics for Mesa Boogie, Napa Valley CA, yes it is. Also when I was looking for the rose ‘Nevada’ I called many rose providers and only one source had them, High Country Roses, in CO. I posted a simple post about Matt at High Country Roses in Colorado he told me how many roses he had in stock, and personally answered the phone. I posted this information on Facebook. Matt messaged me to say thank-you and as a result of a simple post he got 9 new customers. Exponentially who knows how much more growth of a result of a simple post? I haven’t kept up. If you would like to visit more just email me. Take care David. I arrived home and Dr. David Zlezak had sent a box of more test plants I need to plant. He is the hybridizer of some of the ‘Oso Happy’ series of roses. David I didn’t know the Biltmore photographer had taken our picture and that picture went in the Ashville, NC paper. The former American Rose Society President of Bermuda of all places sent it to me! He messaged me and sent me a link to a Rotogravure –
      the Times-Citizen from
      Sincerely Yours,

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