'Above and Beyond' after its roped up!


‘Above and Beyond’ is an apricot large-flowered-climber. It’s as big as a baby elephant! So I wanted you to see it get corralled. Securing it was like tying up a bucking bronco with thorns! Isn’t it simply amazing? hybridized by Dr. David Zlesak, its:

  1. Winter hardy
  2. Fragrant
  3. Easy-to-grow
  4. Organic, no-spray


  5. AB2_051016
  6. After

    'Above and Beyond' after its roped up!
    ‘Above and Beyond’ roped up! next to Proven Winners ‘Oso Easy’ ‘Fragrant Spreader’ and ‘Paprika’

2 thoughts on “Ropin’ Roses”

    1. Dearest Teresa,
      You can say that again! And it’s planted in the Illinois sandy loam with considerable clay! It’s pretty happy there!
      I’m sure you are going to love yours, make plenty of room!

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