Roses Roses Roses In Bloom
Roses Roses Roses In Bloom
Roses In Bloom At First Light

Roses can be fun & easy-to-grow. If you want easy-to-grow roses, ‘Easy Does It’* tops the list. ‘Easy Does It’ blooms its precious, sweet mango orange heart out out from the first bud until the last day of winter when temps dip below 21 degrees for more than 3 days.

A rotogravure of ‘Easy Does It’ with light dancing among the petals of roses from dusk to dawn.

'Easy Does It' at Dawn Next to 'Hot Cocoa'
‘Easy Does It’ Next to ‘Hot Cocoa’ at Twilight

Each stage of bloom are shown with floribundas and hybrid tea roses ‘Elle’, ‘Hot Cocoa, and gorgeous ‘Pumpkin Patch’.

'Easy Does It' | 'Hot Cocoa' | 'Elle' | Pumpkin Patch'
‘Easy Does It’ | ‘Hot Cocoa’ | ‘Elle’ | Pumpkin Patch’ Floribunda Roses in a Garden Setting

Roses are a gathering place for family and friends. See how the rose ‘Hot Cocoa’ takes on such burnished rich tones.

'Easy Does It' | 'Hot Cocoa' | 'Elle' | Pumpkin Patch'Roses in The Garden
‘Easy Does It’ | ‘Hot Cocoa’ | ‘Elle’ | Pumpkin Patch’Roses in The Garden

‘Easy Does It’ floribunda rose, a little blooming machine ready to start all over again!

Rose Buds of 'Easy Does It' Floribunda
Rose Buds of ‘Easy Does It’ Floribunda

Happy #WordlessWednesday

Orange-pink Floribunda.
Registration name: HARpageant
Exhibition name: Easy Does It ®
Bred by Harkness (United Kingdom, before 2006).
Introduced in United States by Bailey Nurseries in 2010 as ‘Easy Does It’.
Introduced in United States by Weeks Wholesale Rose Grower, 2010 as ‘Easy Does It’.