On Becoming A Rose Sommelier

Sommelier, doesn’t that have an elegant ring? You also will wear a tastevin on a silver chain around your neck, French for “taste wine.” According to Master Sommelier Catherine Fallis at the French Culinary Institute in Campbell, CA when asked what does becoming a Sommelier mean to the average person “It means doing Continue Reading

Rosie View for 2011

The award winning film A Room With a View won Best Picture of 1986, National Board of Review. It’s a British 3 time academy award winner about, “when Lucy Honeychurch and chaperon Charlotte Bartlett find themselves in Florence with rooms without views, fellow guests Mr. Emerson and son George step Continue Reading

Glamour Shots and The Lollipop Guild Garden

Valeria Is gardening glamorous? Today it was. Kim Ritzenthaler of www.kimtakespictures.com took pictures for gagasgarden and for an extraordinary experience go to her site and click on her macro photography of her nature slide show. It is an experience in wonderment. In the 8o’s I headed up a French line Continue Reading