Planting Roses in The Fall

'Weeping' Rose and Leaves

“The tints of autumn…a mighty flower garden blossoming under the spell of the enchanter, frost.” ― John Greenleaf Whittier   Beveridge D. Fergusson’s Scottish Proverbs circa 1641 proclaimed, “An open confession is good for the soul.” I openly confess I have never planted a rose bush in the fall. I Continue Reading

Twin Cities Rose Gardens, Rosarians With Resiliency

Jack and Eileen Falker's Rose Garden

Cataclysmic is a forceful word.   Changes to the planet are perceived as taking place gradually, like stalactites, and stalagmites that form over millions of years. Tsunamis, earthquakes, tornados have a cataclysmic impact on the earth. Such is the case is my realization of the onslaught of winter this year. Continue Reading

Roses Rain Fall

Fall Rose Garden

Fall is a time when the rose garden is in all its glory. An English style formal garden takes on a wild abandon arresting us with an expression of their last hurrah before dormancy. The transitional beauty of autumn deepens the colors and intensifies textures of the garden. The Glory Continue Reading

Rose Garden Labors That Dazzle

Ingrid Bergman Graced with Rain Drops

Here’s my contribution to the American Labor force on this Labor Day. May it brighten your Day. How do you spend Labor Day? I usually spend Labor Day working in the garden. Did you know that Labor Day, also known as International Workers Day has been around since 1882? Labor Continue Reading

A Bird’s Eye View of The Organic View’s June Stoyer

June Stoyer, Executive Producer The Organic View Radio Show

  Most people still do not really understand just how viral social media is and the tremendous impact is makes. It is also a wonderful tool to connect with like-minded people. One of my favorite friends on twitter who is passionate about his organic garden is my friend Sebastian @YogaArmy. Continue Reading