Biltmore Rose Trials 2016 Results

'Polar Express™ Sunbelt®' Rose Arborose® Collection | Single bloom shot taken of winning shrub Sunday, September 26, 2016

The Biltmore Rose Trials are a valuable way for the home gardener to learn what roses do well and what may be potential candidates for their own gardens. ~ Susan Fox

100 Million Roses

Will Radler's Rose 'Double Knock-Out' Radtko

“100 million roses,” “100 million roses is our goal.” Stephen Hutton, president and CEO of Star Roses and Plants* made this bold statement at the American Rose Society Fall Convention In Syracuse, New York. Rose titans from all over the globe met on the most famous week end in America, Continue Reading

Ode To Joy, A Rose by David Clemons

Joy, ARS Award of Excellence Winner by David Clemons

“Joy, beautiful spark of Gods!, Daughter of Elysium, Joy, beautiful spark of Gods!” Ode To Joy, Ludwig Von Beethoven’s – Symphony No 9 Ode to Joy   Ludwig Von Beethoven’s – Symphony No 9: Ode to Joy is the first time in history lyrics were added to a major symphony Continue Reading