What A Cool Spring!

Geese Family Welcomes Spring

What a cool spring! Weather now fascinates me. Did you ever see the Saturday Night Live skit She Turned Into Her Mother? Summary: In a horror movie spoof, a man (Tom Hanks) watches idly as his wife (Julia Sweeney) makes the full transformation into her mother. That’s now me. Here’s Continue Reading

Signs of Spring and How To Plant A Bare Root Rose

Signs of Spring Daffodils

“It seems that Canadian Geese are one of the most followed bird groups in the US. Their overhead migrations are a sure sign of the changing of the seasons.” ~ Lisa Shea

10 Things To Get Ready for Spring Gardening

Hybrid Tea Rosie O'Donnell Fading

January is inventory month. It’s time to reflect and take stock of things. We anxiously wait for the first robin, a sign that spring is here in the north. I know growing up in northern Illinois was brutal. I can tell you stories of snow so high it covered the Continue Reading