The Love Language of Roses

Veterans Honor, Hybrid Tea

“All of us blossom when we feel loved and wither when we do not feel loved.” ― Gary Chapman, The Five Love Languages for Singles Roses have a Love Language expressed by their color. This Valentine’s Day let your roses do the talking, Second That Emotion with a rose. Do you know what the Continue Reading

The Birds And The Bees

Bee on 4th of July Climbing Rose Bush

“Let me tell ya ‘bout the birds and the bees And the flowers and the trees And the moon up above And a thing called ‘Love” Remember the song The Birds & The Bees?  “It was released on Era Records and sung by Jewel Akens in 1964 for whom Akens Continue Reading

10 Things To Get Ready for Spring Gardening

Hybrid Tea Rosie O'Donnell Fading

January is inventory month. It’s time to reflect and take stock of things. We anxiously wait for the first robin, a sign that spring is here in the north. I know growing up in northern Illinois was brutal. I can tell you stories of snow so high it covered the Continue Reading

Rose Garden How Do I Love Thee?

OUI moved heaven and earth for a rose garden. Have I ever told you why. Let me count the ways. I have decided to compare it to Sonnet 43. How Do I Love Thee? (Sonnet 43) by Elizabeth Barrett Browning How Do I love thee? Let me count the ways. Continue Reading

Roses, It’s About Time

It’s about time all gardeners have a rose garden. If they want one then they shall have one. The RoseDoc, Ted Mills, Chattanooga, TN wrote an article in the American Rose Society’s American Rose Magazine September/October 2011 edition called The Last Word…On Roses. He says the median age of the Continue Reading