Rose Garden Eclipse of the Heart

Does a watched rose bush produce a rose bud more quickly? I don’t think so. Waiting for your rose garden to leaf out, produce canes and ultimately rose buds is like waiting for paint to dry. So I’ve come up with some things for you to do. This is an Continue Reading

A Rose Garden, Hope Springs Eternal

Rudyard Kipling said, “Remember Gardens are not made by sitting in the shade.” However, shade sitting is never quite so satisfying as when one is contemplating the beauty of a rose garden from the prospective of being in it and having created a rose garden in the sun. Here is Continue Reading

Gaga’s Garden Scary Creatures

You learn a lot when you move to a new community. Like who your new neighbors are. I just never expected some of them to look like living Muppets and to be so curious about us. The other neighbors are just as wonderful, miniature donkeys, goats, guineas hens, chickens, turkeys, Continue Reading

The Geese Girls Won’t Be Wearing Their Easter Dresses

These little mythical like creatures were lovingly created by hand, formed from concrete and hand painted in a country town called Minooka, Il. Minooka in the 2000 census only had 3, 971 people. One of those people lovingly hand stitched clothes for our geese girls. We moved these little country Continue Reading

Strand Theory

Strand Theory is this: I purport that there is a distinct relationship between the way one approaches pruning their bushes and an emotional attachment to the very strands of hair on one’s head. This is not junk science folks.  I shall set about to prove my theory with actual case Continue Reading