A Garden Is A Marshmallow World

PROVEN WINNERS © 'Magic Hibisbus Cranberry Crush'

‘A Garden Is A Marshmallow World” ~ Susan Fox

3 Climbing Roses ‘Big As A Barn’

'Stormy Weather'

One qustion I am ask frequently is “what’s a great climbing rose?” Here are three early spring blooming climbing roses. Two that are as “big as a barn.” One is a compact ‘mysterious deep smoky purple that’s simply a stunner! 1. Above and Beyond’ LCI Winter hardy No-spray Minimal care Continue Reading

Rose Garden Surprise Visitors

Crawfish with A Touch of Class

“Everything I can catch has its picture taken with a rose.”                                                                                                  ~Susan Fox Do you like surprises? You’ve probably heard, “I love surprises, or “tell me now because I don’t like surprises!” A prominent psychologist once said, “Our degree of sanity is directly related to our ability to adapt Continue Reading