You Meet The Nicest People At A Rose Show

Where are the rose gardens? Backyards.   Hidden secret gardens are behind beautiful urns and cascading fountains or perhaps ivy brick walls. You can catch a glimpse of a climbing rose or a waft of their fragrance on the wind as you walk along the sidewalk out for an evening Continue Reading

Rose Garden Surprise Visitors

Crawfish with A Touch of Class

“Everything I can catch has its picture taken with a rose.”                                                                                                  ~Susan Fox Do you like surprises? You’ve probably heard, “I love surprises, or “tell me now because I don’t like surprises!” A prominent psychologist once said, “Our degree of sanity is directly related to our ability to adapt Continue Reading

The Keys to the Gardening Kingdom, at the IGC Show

Star Roses & Plants Conard - Pyle Executives pictured with Susan Fox at IGC Show

What do you think is the key that will draw people to your event? The Independent Garden Center (IGC) Show was held last week, at Navy Pier on the beautiful shores of Lake Michigan where it meets the Chicago River. IGC Show Founders, Publishers, and Executive Directors Jeff and Cheryl Continue Reading